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Strategic SEO & SEM 

Increase Your Online Visibility & Rankings in Search Engines

Simplified Google-friendly SEO Services

SimplifiedSolutions is a full-service SEM and SEO agency that will help your business increase your rankings in search engines like Google and Bing. Our experienced team creates metrics-driven, white-hat SEO programs to deliver more qualified visitors to your website.

SEO Services
Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Using keyword research tools and competitive analysis, our search experts determine the most effective terms and phrases used by potential customers to find your products and services. This results in a keyword opportunity matrix for use across all web channels.
Website optimization

Website Optimization

By optimizing your website’s meta titles and descriptions, headlines, and copy with keywords, we strengthen and broaden your company’s search visibility. Our coders also make backend adjustments so that search engine spiders can easily index every page for search relevance.
Content optimization

Content Optimization

Fresh and relevant content is king on the web. We optimize your other online channels like social media, blog, video and online PR copy with keywords to help search engines match your content with potential client or customer searches.
Local Search

Local Search

Most searches are local, but most businesses aren’t optimized for local search. We develop and manage successful local search optimization programs for businesses with single and multiple locations with a focus on building local signals with Google My Business and alignment of directory listings.
Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing

Search engines love blogs. A smartly constructed blog can deliver the keyword-rich content and links that search engines favor. The result is more traffic generation, engagement, and visibility.
Video and Image Optimization

Video & Image Optimization

More than 40% of all searches return video and image results. Videos and images are now getting first-page rankings in searches. By correctly titling and tagging videos and images, we can increase visits to your website.
Link Building

Link Building

Search engines reward sites with higher ranking that have quality and relevant links from other websites, and internal links using keywords within your own website pages.
Google Sitemap

Google Sitemaps

By building a sitemap, we can make it easier for the search engines to index your complete website resulting in stronger search visibility for more keywords and phrases.

Let SimplifiedSolutions put together a SEO plan that works for your business.
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